Get Involved in Ministry

Choir Ministry

Choir Meets at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday (during the school year)

If you love to sing come and be a part of our music ministry! Just come by the church at  7:00 p.m. for practice.

Odessa Murray Women’s Circle

The Odessa Murray Women’s Circle is open to all women of Flora First Methodist Church, no matter how young or old.  The circle meets the second Monday of the months of April through December.  The meetings are normally held at 4:00 in Wesley Hall, but the time and place may occasionally change depending on the program.

The focus of the Odessa Murray Women’s Circle is missions, women, and children, and we support programs for women and children locally, nationally, and abroad.  We help fund the children’s program at Flora First including the funding for Vacation Bible School.

The officers of the Odessa Murray Women’s Circle are as follows:  Sharon Tolliver, president; Nancy Stringer, vice-president; Marilyn Seelman, secretary; and Alice Childers, treasurer.

All women of Flora First are encouraged to join the Odessa Murray Women’s Circle.